Building Information

Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center (MCEEC)

In partnership with MPA, Brooklyn and Curtis Bay Coalition (Baybrook), the Living Classrooms Foundation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, and the National Aquarium, Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center opened its campus in October of 2012. Our campus strives to be a model for community involvement and environmental awareness by offering a wide array of recreational attributes that aim to bring residents of Baltimore City and surrounding areas closer to nature. At our campus you can enjoy hiking trails, a kayak/boat pier, fishing pier, nature exploration area, and a scenic view of the Baltimore City skyline. Access to this site has given us the opportunity to engage visitors and program participants in environmental experiences that are unique in Baltimore City. The sustainable growth of this campus and its wetlands will remind the community that they are a part of something positive for generations to come.

The Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center (MCEEC) has been designed as a “Near Zero, Net Energy” Building, meaning that the green principles and technologies used in the building are so efficient that the energy used for lighting, heat, etc. will be next to nothing! This was accomplished in part by:

All elements of the building were considered for maximum environmental and human health, such as a Fresh Air Energy Recovery system, a minimizing Stormwater Runoff plan, and the use of Local, Recycled and Recyclable Materials.

How to host a meeting

Bring your friends! To hold your group’s meetings at our facility, please reserve the space by calling MCEEC or by following the online steps found HERE.