Masonville Cove Environmental Education Campus Rules

In effort to ensure visitor safety, we enforce the following rules at Masonville Cove Environmental Education Campus:

  • 1. No Pets Allowed
  • 2. No Swimming/Wading
  • 3. No Smoking
  • 4. No Alcoholic Beverages Permitted at Any Time
  • 5. No Digging
  • 6. No Open Fires or Firearms
  • 7. No Skateboarding, Biking, or Skating on Paths
  • 8. No Unauthorized Motor Vehicles or Horses on Grounds
  • 9. No Littering
  • 10. No Collection of Animals or Plants, Living or Dead. They are all important to the life cycle!
  • 11. Fishing and crabbing is permitted on the dock, pier, and rock jetty. STATE REGULATIONS ARE IN EFFECT, visitors need to have correct licenses!